This layman’s guide book explains in every day language mortgage loan financing terms, methods, and the process. Using easy to understand words, pictures, charts/graphs, real life scenarios, mortgage calculator, actual forms, and more this interactive tool offers you a realistic way to get approved for a mortgage loan (purchase and refinance) in a way you can understand and apply.

Why Does It Work?

Knowledge Removes Fear. Let’s face it; getting a mortgage loan is tough! There’s no doubt, it’s probably the most difficult lesson for any home-buyer or homeowner to learn. Frankly, mortgages are the only subject you can’t fake.

Having an understanding of what the bank knows and needs in order to show-you-the-money puts you in a position of strength. You have now gone from being at the mercy of… to commanding and intentionally directing your own financial destiny.

This positioning is criticle if your goal is financial freedom. Being financially free is a choice. You activly make the decision to be financially set in life and you have to take action to make that happen. You MUST educate yourself.

Last year, U.S. home foreclosure filings jumped 60 percent (60%)! A good understanding of mortgage loans is an integral part of financial literacy.

Just think, what is the single most expensive purchase people make? A home. If you understand just the basics of financing a home you can apply those same basic principles to all types of financing (cars, boats, businesses…) Mortgage loan financing is about more than just real estate.

Mortgage Approved!: Your Easy All-In-One Home Loan Kit, The ONLY Mortgage Approval Guide You’ll EVER Need is a tool to help you get approved for a mortgage loan. You will use and reuse the tools in this book for the rest of your life; when you buy your first home, up-size to another home, refinance for cash and/or a better rate, up-size, downsize, and relocate.


I am a very strong advocate for teaching financial literacy in the school system. If the baby boomers had been taught financial literacy along with English and History just maybe we wouldn’t be in the middle of an economic crisis.

If you are leaving worldly possessions to your offspring when you pass, teach them NOW how to maintain and grow the wealth that took you a lifetime to accumulate.

I wrote this book with the intention of students being able to comprehend and apply the information, tools, techniques that lie between the covers. Share Mortgage Approved! with them … you’ll be doing your part to strenghten not only your family line, but the next generation of adults as well.

Learn Quickly and Effectively

Find out what the BANKERS know and use it to YOUR Advantage.

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